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The conception & development of ArtBrick have been an incredibly lean operation thus far, and to demonstrate the power of community-driven initiatives, we are reaching out to our own community to help us lay our foundation for success.

Laying Our Foundation

by John Gianniny

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Brooklyn, United States (US)

John Gianniny

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Campaign Story

Our Vision

The vision of ArtBrick is centered around a humanistic conception of the art market, which is to say that we care as much or more about the community outcomes that our hosted projects will achieve than we care about turning a profit.  This is why we are turning to our community to help us crowd-fund our start-up costs.  If we were to pay start-up expenses using investors or other external stakeholders with special interests and a primary focus on profit-margins, then we would compromise the integrity of the work we hope to accomplish.  By tapping into our global network, we can achieve a whole lot by only asking members of the community for a little.

Projected Start-Up Expenses

  • $5,000 Fees, licenses, legal & financial expenses for establishment of business documentation, contracts & agreements, plus any other unforeseen logistical expenses.
  • $10,000 Web Development of site-specific features needed to build Artist Galleries that align with Community-Wellness Projects (Bricks)
  • $15,000 to establish representation at major art fairs & biennales in 2024
  • $20,000 Marketing Expenses, including print, digital and targeted urban advertising
  • $50,000 Total Start-Up Expenses


How You Can Help

There are multiple ways in which you can help ArtBrick to have a successful launch, and many of them do not cost anything.  Some of the ways in which you can help us include…

  • Talk to your friends about us.
  • Share on social media.
  • Follow our Instagram @ArtBrickOrg
  • Spread print advertising in your locale (Contact Us!).
  • Contribute to the campaign and receive original artwork!


This campaign is a work-in-progress.
To Be Continued…



Hand-Written Thank-You Postcard Featuring a Film-Photograph from Cambodia, photographed by John Gianniny.

February, 2024

Estimated Delivery
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250 rewards left


Framed Original 4x6 Ink Drawing by John Gianniny, (complete with 5"x7" frame, original 4"x6" illustration and certificate of authenticity).

March, 2024

Estimated Delivery
0 backers
100 rewards left


Framed original 9x12 Ink & Acrylic Painting by John Gianniny (complete with an 11"x14" frame, original 9"x12" painting and certificate of authenticity)

March, 2024

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Framed Original 22x30 Ink & Acrylic Painting on Paper by John Gianniny (compete with a 24"x36" frame and mat, the original 22"x30" painting and certificate of authenticity).

February, 2024

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  • 12-29-2023

    Getting Ready for Launch

    <p>We have our second artists represented and are excited to add a few more before we launch. Keep your eyes open for our new additions.</p>